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3D Printing with Sketchup now available

3D Printing with Sketchup now available

I’ve written a book! All about how you can get 3D Printing with SketchUp, it can be purchased from Packt Publishing or from Amazon at this link: 3D Printing with SketchUp. About the book As 3D printing is becoming more accessible, it…read more →

Video Guide to 3D Printing Technologies

Part of my work as a designer is choosing the right material for your project. I’ll ask questions such as, “Is this a prototype, or end-use part?” “What level of detail is needed?” “Does this part require multiple colors?” The…read more →

About Marcus Ritland

You have an idea for a thing, a physical product.  I want to help enable you to take advantage of the power of 3D printing to make your thing.  The bridge from your ideas to reality lies in 3D modeling software that…read more →