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  • Twisted Star Lamp

    Twisted Star Lamp

  • Hole thru a Hole in a Hole
  • Rod of Asclepius Silver Pendant


My goal with this lamp was to explore the limits of the technology.  The full story can be found here: The Story of Twisted Star Lamp.

Fresh out of the Shapeways box

The Twisted Star Lamp, fresh from the 3D Printer


3D Printed Twisted Star Lamp

3D Printed Twisted Star Lampshade plus electricity!


Denali 3D Design 3D Printed Twisted Star Lamp

Composite image with design wireframes and photos of the Twisted Star Lamp.



Rod of Asclepius | Sterling Silver Pendant

Originally designed as a gift for a graduating medical student, this pendant has proven to be a big hit with professionals in the medical field.  Its available for purchase here: Rod of Asclepius Pendant.



Sterling Silver Rod of Asclepius Pendant


This piece is based on a drawing from a mathematical book published in 1940.  While the shape would be very difficult to manufacture any other way, 3D printing makes it simple.  If interested, you may purchase it here: Hole thru a hole in a hole or download the model from Thingiverse for remixing or printing on your machine.

Hole thru a Hole in a Hole

Just for fun – a Hole thru a Hole in a Hole