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Rod of Asclepius Pendant

Ancient mythology meets modern technology in this exclusive Rod of Asclepius sterling silver pendant.  Each pendant starts life as a intricate CAD file which is then 3D printed in high-resolution jewelers wax.  From this master, a mold is cast by hand and replaced with molten silver.  Finally the pieces are tumbled for a smooth, glossy finish.

Named after Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, this universal symbol of healing is subtly different from the Caduceus, which has two snakes entwined about a rod.  In professional medical circles, the Rod of Asclepius is considered the “true” symbol.

The meaning of the snake and rod has been lost in history, but theories abound.  Perhaps the ancient physicians knew about the healing properties of snake venom that modern biomedical scientists are just now discovering?  We may never know, but we do know for certain this Rod of Asclepius Pendant will make a terrific gift for a graduating medical student!

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