3D CAD Design and Sketchup Training Services
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    Twisted Star Lamp

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Only recently have rapid prototyping technologies been made widely available to small businesses and individuals.  While the technology is powerful, it requires knowledge of material properties, limitations, and processes involved in creating the best product possible.  Denali 3D Design can help you whether you are new to the process or just need help tweaking your model to meet the specific requirements of the material you are using.

You may need a different level of service depending on your familiarity with the 3D printing process.


You may need consulting if you are very new to 3D printing.  These are a few common questions you will have.

“What material should I use for my design?”  “What kind of finish should I expect?”  “How big of an object can I make?”

You may even need more basic questions answered.  “What opportunities are available to me with 3D printing?”

Each of these need to be addressed specifically for your project.  Send me a message now to get started.

3D Cad Design

When you have a good idea of what material will work best for your project, you are ready to move to the next stage – 3D modeling.  This is when the excitement starts!  In this part of the process, you provide sketches, specs, and photos (if applicable) of the product you wish to design.


This is a good option for inventors and business people that wish to keep their ideas private or need to spend lots of time developing products.  In this case, Sketchup training is the most cost effective option for you.


If you have started modeling a design but are having trouble making it manifold (solid) for 3D printing, send us your model to fix up.


Contact us.

If you’re ready to work with an experienced, caring designer, send us a message now to get started.