Author: Denali

Video Guide to 3D Printing Technologies

Part of my work as a designer is choosing the right material for your project. I’ll ask questions such as, “Is this a prototype, or end-use part?” “What level of detail is needed?” “Does this part require multiple colors?” The answers to these questions determine the method of 3D printing production used to create your […]

Case Study: Landlord 3D Prints Replacement Window Parts

A college girl, a honeybee, and…a 3D printer? In which a landlord learns 3D printing replacement window screen parts is a cost effective solution to broken, outdated hardware. “All I want is some fresh air.” Julia, a 23 year old medical student, just wants some fresh air in her living room.  Her apartment is feeling stuffy after […]

The Story of Twisted Star Lamp

This is the story of the project that launched my interest in 3D printing. In September 2010, i.materialise announced a 3D printed lamp design challenge.  The guidelines were pretty simple – design an original lamp using Sketchup, taking advantage of 3D printing’s unique capabilities. After two months of learning about 3D printing and designing over one dozen prototypes, on the […]